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This category includes a wide range of optical devices. We include the day scopes for sighting and observation that work well for both security and outdoor activities. A couple of subcategories will show you or range of riflescopes and equipment to be used with the weapon. At the same time, there are day binoculars or spotting scopes for long-distance observation. Red dot sights and prism sights categories stand for non-magnifying sights for firearms.

They are considered to be fast acquisition and easy to use gun sights for target shooting, hunting, and in police and military applications. Red dots have a wide field of view, therefore, are often used to shoot fast-moving targets. As there is no magnification, the shooter should not worry about parallax or eye relief. Day binoculars category offers you a wide choice of items for hunting or any other outdoor activity that requires optical magnification. Our binoculars are using high-quality prisms and have an anti-reflective coating.

These binoculars are waterproof and shockproof. They are designed to be your main tool and reliable assistant in outdoor activity. The spotting scope is a small and portable telescope that is commonly used for birds watching or target shooting to verify the shot placements. When the magnification power of binocular is not enough, the spotting scopes come to action. Due to high optical magnification, it is preferred to use spotting scopes stationary, for example, mounted on a tripod.