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Night Vision is an amazing technology that gives people an ability to see at night. INFOV company provides everyone with a wide choice of night vision equipment for any kind of operation.  How does technology work? It simply amplifies the light, captures the smallest amount of infrared radiation, amplifies it in a couple thousand times and gives you a complete picture that human’s naked eye could never see.

There are two popular types of night vision devices: the one is using a high sensitive component called image intensifying tube or IIT which is sensitive to low radiation levels of visible and especially near infrared light, the second is using the high sensitive CCD cameras. Both technologies can be incorporated into different housings for fitting your device to your needs perfectly.

The most popular categories are: night vision rifle scopes, night vision frontal attachments (also known as Clip-On), night vision goggles, night vision monoculars and night vision binoculars. The first two are designed for shooting while goggles and night vision binoculars are used for observation only.

Night vision rifle scope is a standalone device that should be installed on the weapon instead of your standard day scope.

Night vision frontal attachment is a perfect choice for those who would like to use his favorite day scope during night hunting. Frontal attachment should be installed in front of your day scope to convert it into night vision mode. Very often night vision Clip-Ons can be used as standalone spotting scopes for observation.

Night vision monoculars and goggles were designed to give the user an ability to see the environment and perform tactical activities during nighttime. They are often strapped to the helmet to remain operator’s hands free. Despite these systems were originally designed for military and law enforcement, the INFOV company brings these technologies available for civilian security as well.

Night vision binoculars is the most interesting category because they do not only capture the smallest amount of light, but they are also equipped with powerful objective lenses. By means of big objectives, we magnify objects in our field of view to detect them at larger distance. Every kind of night vision devices may have its own purpose. But it doesn’t matter which kind of activity do you have, be sure that we have suitable night vision system in our product range.