We are “INFOV Sp. z O.O.” Company located in Warsaw, Poland, design, produce and distribute high quality Thermal Imaging, Night Vision and Digital Night Vision equipment. Our end-users are the most demanded hunters, as well as shooting fans, airsoft players, security services, law enforcement professionals and military worldwide. Thermal and Night Vision equipment can be also used in industrial purposes.

Moreover, we develop high-grade tactical solutions for protecting and saving lives and we are always focused on the victory!

Our mission is to provide the superb quality and most reliable optical products on the market and to grant you the best sales and technical support. You can always count on helpful, knowledgeable customer service, prompt response and our experience.

Our product range consists of several categories of thermal imaging devices, a number of night vision types and the most advanced fusion systems, which combine two technologies in one device: passive night vision and infrared (thermal imaging) technology. Our thermal binoculars were designed for long-range observation. Having the amazing detection range, they provide a stunning performance both in daylight and at nighttime.

A number of thermal weapon sights manufactured by our company will allow both hunters and law enforcement professionals to complete their activity or to enjoy the hunting process.

“INFOV” thermal monoculars are compact and lightweight. They are easy to care and comfortable to operate. Amazingly quick start up makes you always ready for your mission.

“INFOV” thermal imaging systems do have two types of thermal sensors. It can be either 384×288 or 640×480. You can choose and buy a thermal scope depending on your budget. From our side we are trying to give you as many options as you need, so hunter, outdoorsman or law enforcement operator will have the required equipment.

Wide ranges of accessories are available as well. “INFOV” offers extended battery packs, video recorders, magnification lenses, tripods, carrying cases and many others. All these accessories are to make your night experience comfortable and enjoyable.

“INFOV” offers several- categories of night vision as well. They are Night vision monoculars, multi-purpose scopes, goggles and binoculars. They have Image Intensifier tube inside and do not require additional infrared illumination because using classic passive night vision technology.

So let us be in your Field Of View!