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INFOV offers you a wide range of night vision binoculars. This is high performance equipment designed for long-range observation. Night vision binoculars usually have dual eye design. They have pre- installed 3x, 5x or 8x lenses in order to work perfectly at up to 1000m range.
There are two main types of night vision binoculars. It may have two image intensifying tubes or just one. It doesn’t matter which technology will you choose, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with INFOV binocular performance. Most of these systems are equipped with tripod socket for comfortable long time observation. INFOV night vision binoculars are larger than standard NV monoculars, but they are still extremely lightweight and compact for this type of equipment.
INFOV builds night vision goggles around main component – Image Intensifier Tube. Based on the quality expectations we can use either Gen2+ or Gen3 Image Intensifier Tubes.
Our standard is to make our equipment waterproof, shockproof and protected from dust and high humidity. Due to extremely high working time and immediate start-up time, this equipment is always ready for your mission. It is easy to use and easy to care. We fitted our night vision binoculars with these options for your comfort and for giving you an advantage wherever you use them.