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Night vision goggles is a number one choice for any military operator. This category includes night vision devices that were designed to be fitted on the head or helmet to keep the user’s hands free and ready for action. Night vision goggles usually come without any optical magnification. They provide a picture that is compatible with your naked eye sight. This is done for better navigation and depth perception. Despite this, all INFOV night vision goggles have an option to be used with additional 3x, 5x or 8x objectives to convert your night vision goggles into binocular for long distance observation.
INFOV builds night vision goggles around main component – Image Intensifier Tube. Based on the quality expectations we can use either Gen2+ or Gen3 Image Intensifier. There is a number of upgrades that can be applied to goggles. We offer a variety of mounting systems in order to fasten night vision goggles to any kind of a helmet. We offer a head mask to mount goggles on the head if helmet is not used. We can do night vision goggles with a single tube design or make a dual channel system that incorporates two image intensifier tubes for even better depth perception.
Driving vehicle, navigate or move in the darkness becomes easier with dual channel system because you feel the distance to the objects better due to binocular vision. Every unit of INFOV night vision goggles is packed into hard case and comes with included head mask. Our standard is to make our equipment waterproof, shockproof and protected from dust and high humidity. Due to extremely high working time and immediate start-up time, this equipment is always ready for your mission. It is easy to use and easy to care. We fitted our night vision goggles with these options for your comfort and for giving you an advantage on the battlefield.