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Thermal weapon sight is the best choice for every sharpshooter, special forces operator or even hunter. Items for this category are designed for shooting, so they perfectly hold high recoil, shock and vibration. We equipped INFOV weapon sights with high quality germanium lenses for better detection and recognition of the target. A number of digital enhancements allow to adjust the weapon sight to any possible conditions and to keep you target always clear and visible.
INFOV thermal weapon sights come with weaver/picatinny mount to be mounted on a standard NATO rifle. We offer several modifications of thermal riflescopes that may have different objective size and different detector resolution. This is to give you a choice from the most affordable thermal weapon sight and up to high-end thermal scope for more than 1000m shooting.
Weapon sights equipped with 384×288 detector are perfect for middle range shooting due to their wide field of view. At the same time, we produce thermal sights with 640×480 detector that have unbelievable detection and recognition distances. They are perfect for achieving a perfect result in long range shooting. We are very attentive to the smallest details that’s why we packed every unit into a waterproof and shockproof hard case for storage and transportation.
INFOV thermal weapon sights are ready for use out of the box. Simple and comfortable procedure of bore sighting allows you to start your nighttime activity immediately. Thermal technology works perfectly both in a day and night so you are not limited by the dark hours for your hunting or security task. INFOV thermal weapon sight are equipped with a huge power source so you will not interrupt your mission for changing batteries or recharging the scope for a long period. Every INFOV scope has a video out to be used with optional photo/video recorder, very accurate reticle positioning and superior image quality. This is a combination of factors to make your activity effective and successful.