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Digital Night Vision is a breakthrough technology that made night vision smaller, more efficient and cheaper. It does not amplify the light via image intensifier but it is using high sensitive digital CCD cameras to process the picture.
Digital signal is shown on a high-resolution micro display. Unlike the analog night vision devices, digital night vision use all the benefits of digital signal such as capturing, processing and recording if needed. This type of night vision device may have digital zoom and different reticles. Digital night vision devices can be used both day and night. The way CCD sensors register light means that your camera will not be damaged from the accidental light. Digital night vision works in a wider infrared range. It can be used with 940nm infrared illuminators while most of analog night vision do not see more than 810nm. This is extremely important for the hunting because some animals can detect 850nm and 810nm. Digital technology makes night vision devices more shockproof and they can hold higher recoil.