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Night vision riflescope by INFOV consist of several models. Each model has different magnification and is divided into several grades, depending on your budget, your shooting distance and the size of the target. Night vision weapon sight is the most popular category for hunting. When the hunter gets to the next level, when the day shooting is done perfectly it comes to try yourself in the night. INFOV night vision rifle scopes commonly use image intensifying tubes (shortly IIT).
Despite riflescopes built around CCD cameras, IIT scopes withstand better recoil, require less ambient light and remain operable at any night conditions. You will always require illuminated reticle when you hunting at night. That’s why our night sights are equipped with adjustable reticle illumination to adjust its brightness level based on the background.
Night shooting with night vision riflescope is similar to how it is done in the day. You should mount device to your rifle and make adjustments for bore sighting. Procedure of zeroing is the same, our night weapon sights are equipped with accurate windage and elevation adjustments.
Every device in this category has several levels depending on image intensifier tube quality installed inside. The easiest one is standard Gen2+ image intensifier tube. The performance level provided by Gen2+ scopes is more than enough for any hunter. However, we built Gen2+ riflescope with black & white image for those who want to get better image quality. These night vision scopes are using IIT based on white phosphor. This provides more details and reduces eyestrain. The highest available night vision technology nowadays is Generation 3 Image Intensifier tubes. They are the most sensitive, the most compact and the most powerful in the industry. We did a hard job to develop night vision weapon sight with Gen3 IIT and now it is available not only for military.