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Thermal monoculars are the most compact type of thermal devices. They are specially designed to be small and compact. Our goal was not to reduce the image quality of thermal equipment while we are making them smaller. As a result, we get a number of tactical thermal devices that are widely used in security, law enforcement and even outdoor activity.
What makes our devices so special? The main thing is a high sensitive thermal detector that captures even the smallest amount of heat in a form of infrared radiation. With the help of this detector device analyzes the objects in your field of view and builds a complete picture of the scene where hot objects (such as humans, animals or vehicles) stand against colder background. This technology is commonly used to detect targets at a long distance. There is a big number of different thermal devices types. But thermal monocular has a special place in this range.
Monoculars are the smallest category of thermal devices; they do not require a weapon to be used. They are not designed for shooting so they are allowed for civilian use in many countries. We always give a choice to our customer so he can pick the best device for his needs. That’s why every thermal monocular in our product range can be equipped with either 384×288 or 640×480 thermal detector. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, we guarantee that your observation distance will be extremely high.
We equip every thermal monocular with high capacity power source so you will not be interrupted for battery change when you are on the mission. Every INOFV thermal monocular has safe packing with attention to details. Monoculars come packed in the shockproof/waterproof hard case which is perfect for storage and transportation. INFOV monoculars have wide range of optional equipment for making application area wider.