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Thermal binoculars are the best thing when it comes to long distance detection of humans, animals or vehicles. These powerful devices are equipped with huge germanium lenses and high sensitive thermal detectors. We offer either 640×480 or 384×288 thermal detectors that can be equipped with 50mm, 75mm or even 100mm lens. You can choose combination of sensor and the lens based on your target size and desired observational distance. The most powerful modification may have detection distance of more than 2 000 meters.
Each thermal binocular by INFOV is a combination of high quality components, precise assembly process and thoroughly adjusted software for user’s comfort and maximum performance. There is a number of software adjustments that user can change in order to get the best possible image in given conditions. We keep INFOV thermal binoculars flexible and versatile. Every device from this category was designed for long period observation. INFOV thermal binoculars are equipped with a high-capacity power source. You can also use optional extended battery pack if you need even more operational hours.
INFOV thermal binoculars have a standard tripod socket to make the long period observation even more comfortable. Stationary installed thermal binocular can work for hours and keep recording everything that happens in its field of view if the optional photo/video recorder is used. Operation of INFOV binoculars is easy and user friendly. We just use four navigation buttons and central OK button to give you access to the whole variety of functions preinstalled in these binoculars.
INFOV thermal binoculars are the needful assistant for perimeter security. But they are also good for hunting and outdoor activity. It doesn’t matter which application you choose, we provide our thermal binoculars perfectly packed in a shock proof and waterproof hard case.