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INFOV Fusion System is a new step in night vision and thermal technology. We combined these two technologies in order to take the best from each. Thermal vision is great for detection of the target. You can find hot object at amazingly long distance. However, it is hard to recognize the object and to see if it is friend or enemy. At the same time, standard night vision technology shows you many extra details of your target. Night vision has good recognition distance in the night. When we combine these technologies and overlay them we get a very detailed picture where hot objects are highlighted and you always keep you target in your field of view.
There are two popular ways to realize this technology. The first is to use infrared-sensitive CCD camera as a night vision source. This is cheaper and easier but CCD camera often requires an external infrared source for illumination. IR sources are highly unacceptable for military and law enforcement. The second variant is to use an image intensifier tube as a source of night vision image. This is a hard technical task to combine these two technologies while IIT has no digital signal. We are successful in this and result is amazing.
We offer hand held systems, head/helmet mountable fusion systems and fusion systems that can be incorporated into vehicle. Every piece of INFOV fusion systems was carefully checked, tested and adjusted.

INFOV fusion monoculars are small and lightweight. We build our monoculars in a shockproof and waterproof housing. We understand that such systems may be used in the hard weather conditions so we made them ready for any trial that may appear during your outdoor activity.