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INFOV Digital night vision monocular is your reliable tool for hunting or any outdoor activity. Due to compact design and lightweight materials, it is easy to carry and it perfectly fits your tactical pants’ pocket or side pocket of your backpack. Despite being lightweight, we still keep our digital night vision monoculars robust and durable. Our devices cannot be damaged with a sudden flashlight and you can even use it in a day.
We fitted our monoculars with a high-resolution micro display to make the image detailed and crisp. Since we are using CCD cameras as the main component, the signal can be captured and recorded when needed. We use the power source with high capacity to reduce the problem of quick discharge, so common for digital night vision. Our power source gives you hours of operating time. That means you will not interrupt your mission for replacing batteries.
Variety of objective lenses are available in order to give you a choice of magnification that you prefer.
INFOV monoculars are good for both long and short observation distance. Choose the right modification depending on your needs; luckily, we have plenty of them. Our goal is to make a night vision device available for everyone. That is why we improved the assembly process to minimize the final cost of the product without decreasing the quality. Another important thing is comfort of the user. We use digitally controlled easy-to-operate buttons to access all functions of your monocular. We are very careful about packing to make sure your device will be shipped well packed and tested. That is why we put it not only in a carton box but also supply the tactical soft case for storage and transportation.