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Thermal vision cameras are the most popular type of devices for hunting and security nowadays. These cameras detect infrared radiation that every object emits. Capturing the smallest amount of this radiation, thermal cameras makes it possible to see those objects without any illumination. The amount of radiation is increased if the object’s temperature is higher. As a result, thermal camera provides a complete picture where hot objects (such as humans or animals) stand out well against background.
Thermal vision does not depend on illumination thus it works perfectly in day or at night. The ability of detecting warm objects made thermal cameras popular in surveillance and military. This technology is continuously developing and now it became available for hunters too.
INFOV thermal cameras is combination of high quality components. Each part is carefully picked and tested for maximum result. We use two types of thermal detectors with 384×288 or 640×480 resolution. INFOV thermal cameras are equipped with high-resolution display to transfer even the smallest details of your target.
We produce a wide number of thermal cameras split into several categories. You can easily find a device for your needs. It does not depend if you go for hunting or if you are searching for high-end equipment for security and protection, we are happy to offer you any kind of thermal cameras.
INFOV product range includes thermal monoculars, thermal goggles, thermal scopes and binoculars. This equipment holds shock and vibration, high recoil and humidity. You can use it in sandy environment as well as in rainy forest. INFOV thermal cameras are waterproof, IP rated and come perfectly packed in a hard case ready for your mission.