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Night vision monocular is one of the most popular types of night vision ever. Due to its small size, lightweight and ability to be used as hands-free device, those monoculars are widely used by military and law enforcement personnel. However, nowadays this technology became available for civilians as well.
INFOV produces different grades of night vision monoculars to fit any budget and any kind of operation. The cheapest type of monoculars is using high sensitive CCD cameras. It often requires an infrared illumination (that comes included with every device). You will never see it with your naked eye, but the illumination beam will be visible through device. This category of night vision monoculars can be considered as “entry level” category. It is good for observation up to 100 m or if you want to be introduced to the world of night vision.
If your nighttime operation requires observation at more than 100 meters you should check one of INFOV monoculars that are using image intensifying tubes. The INFOV Gen2+ night vision monoculars might be a good choice for hunting to spot the target. For security personnel we offer Gen2+ with white phosphor. Such monocular provides black & white image. This helps to reduce the eyestrain thus making observation time longer.
The highest possible level of night vision technology is Generation 3 devices. Their ability to see at night does not depend on infrared illuminators. The user will remain under covered even in the hardest weather conditions. Gen3 is the minimum required level for military. INFOV night vision monoculars are waterproof and submersible. They are build according to IP67 standard to work in the rain, high humidity conditions and resist shock and vibration.