Conditions for compliance
with sanctions by “inFOV” Sp. z o.o.

      1. “inFOV” Sp. z o.o. with his registered office in Sekocin Nowy, at ul. Aleja Krakowska 9, zip 05-090 , Poland, REGON 364635788, tax identification number NIP 7123313875 (hereinafter referred to as “the Seller”) declares that: it does not conclude or implement contracts that could violate applicable laws and regulations regarding economic, commercial and/or financial sanctions imposed, as well as other types of restrictions (hereinafter referred to as “embargo”).
      2. The Buyer declares and undertakes to refrain from:
        • exporting or re-exporting of the Seller’s products to the country covered by the embargo – without obtaining all necessary permits from the Polish authorities, competent bodies of the European Union or the United Nations or the authorities of another country or bodies of another international organization that imposed such an embargo;
        • supplying the Seller’s products to:
          – persons, entities or organizations subject to an embargo imposed by Poland, the European Union, the United Nations or any other country or other international organization,
          – persons, entities or organizations if there are reasonable ground to believe that they not fully comply with applicable national or international rules,
        • exporting or re-exporting of the Seller’s products for use in sectors that are subject to embargo under applicable national or international law.
      3. The Buyer is obliged to have all licenses, transport documents and permits required by the applicable provisions for the resale, export or re-export of the Seller’s products.
      4. In the event that the Buyer violates any of the obligations described in item 2 and tem 3 above of this document, the Seller has the right to require the Buyer to pay a stipulated damages in the amount of 100%, regardless of the right of the Seller to refrain from the delivery of products, as well as the right to withdraw from the contract and regardless of the Seller’s other rights arising from contracts concluded with the Buyer or resulting from the law applicable to both parties in the performance of concluded contracts.
      5. If the delivery of the Seller’s products requires export or import permits issued by relevant institutions (bodies or authorities) or if it has been prohibited due to embargo, the Seller has the right to:
        • refrain from implementing the contract with the Buyer until obtaining the appropriate permit, or for the duration of such embargo;
        • withdraw from the contract with the Buyer without a notice period.
      6. In each of the above cases (described in item 4 or item 5), the Seller shall not liable to the Buyer for any damages or any other liability.
      7. The provisions contained herein apply to all commercial contracts concluded by the Seller and the Buyer, regardless of the country of trading and shall apply immediately.
      8. The content of this agreement will always be an attachment to the contract for the delivery of the Seller’s products concluded with the Buyer.
      9. This agreement shall be governed by the law applicable to the contract to which it relates, and disputes arising out of the application of this agreement, including stipulated damages, the Seller refraining from delivery or the Seller withdrawing from the contract, shall be settled by a court having jurisdiction to settle disputes arising from such contract.