Advantages to cooperate with us:

  • Official representation in Central Europe;
  • Own lawyers, accountant, technicians, and salespeople;
  • Large database of commercial and law enforcement customers;
  • 162 sq.m office near the Warsaw Chopin Airport;
  • Ability to organize showroom and make a demonstration to
  • Ability to use equipped technical and storage rooms;
  • Ability to rent warehouses near the office;
  • Ability to open Virtual Office;
  • Ability to use our contact in the IT area.

Our mission is to provide the superb quality and most reliable optical products on the market and to grant you the best technical support.

You can always count on helpful, knowledgeable customer service, prompt response and our experience.

Personal approach to every individual


Using delicate technical mastery in production process


Excellent and fast


Innovative fusion technologies

We are “inFOV” sp. z o.o., ISO, AQAP, WSK certified and Concession company, would like to offer you an opportunity to use our company as a platform for widening your business

We know how to meet standards, and we have all the necessary tools in our place to secure high-quality products.

We can provide you an opportunity to use our company as a platform for widening your business.

So you do not need to

  • spend your budget on office expenses and staff salaries
  • waste your time on search for the appropriate building where you can store your Goods
  • hire management end service staff, because we can do all this work for you
  • to receive and ship your Goods
  • to make a customs clearance. 

Our website can be used as an online platform for selling your Goods:

Moreover, we have:

  • experienced lawyers, which can help you with paperwork connected to deals with EU customers; 
  • an accountant;
  • technicians who can assemble units, make quality control and technical review of devices which are sent back under warranty;
  • experienced salespeople;
  • collected over several years a large database of companies that are interested in night vision and thermal Imaging equipment. This database includes commercial and law enforcement contacts;
  • contacts in the IT area.

Company has a CONCESSION which means that it is authorized by the Polish Government for the next type and scope of activity:

  • Production of equipment for military or police purpose;
  • Turnover (trade) products for military or police;
  • Turnover (trade, marketing) technologies for military or police purpose.

Types of products for military or police use:

  • Equipment for detecting and protecting against enemy movements, as well as specially designed components and accessories for it;
  • Silencers, special weapon mounts, handles, flame arresters and weapon sights.

Get Connected

Our dear friends, we are waiting for your questions, recommendations and feedbacks, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

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