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Thermal goggles is a wide category that includes a lot of types of thermal imaging devices. But the most important thing about thermal goggles is their unique hands free design. INFOV is glad to show you different types of goggles that we developed with precisious enginering and progressive vision.
Every type of INFOV thermal goggles is extremely lightweight to increase operator’s comfort. Our goggles has a perfect balance between user-friendly ergonomics of traditional night vision and advanced imaging capabilities of thermal imaging. Innovative engineering allows the user to realize the full potential of thermal imaging performance while maintaining a familiar form factor that easily mounts to most existing night vision helmet and head mount.
Most of the INFOV thermal goggles/binocular have true dual eye technology that presents a more natural image than the single eye systems that are prevalent in today’s market. The highly sophisticated sensor system either 640×480 or 384×288 and advanced optical engineering of the INFOV thermal goggles are cradled in a rugged shock resistant housing proven to take the constant abuse of combat. Our systems are shockproof, waterproof and ready for your mission.