Handheld infrared cameras InfiRay portable for general application

The InfiRay devices portable is a thermal imaging cameras for non-contact temperature measurement from –20 °C to 550 ° C. It is used for application for example in substations, photovoltaics, metallurgy, buildings, electronics, telecommunications or data centers. The devices portable has a good resolution and a frame rate. In addition, the infrared camera has an integrated visual camera. The display can thus display a thermal image, a visual image or an overlay of both image types.

With the AT Series thermographic camera from InfiRay, you can secure your staff, customers, and suppliers.
Containment of the Corona virus is a serious problem. Individual infections in businesses, hospitals, or at events can place a large number of workers or customers in quarantine. Operational problems and a loss of revenue are the repercussions, in addition to the severe health consequences.
InfiRay’s AT Series thermographic camera is a great way to give your company a boost. People that have a high body temperature can be easily identified.
We deliver a complete and validated measuring device, with over 900 systems installed worldwide.

Best Handheld Cameras

  • Measuring temperature ranges between –20 °C to 150 °C and 100 °C to 550 °C
  • Spectral range 8 µm to 14 µm
  • Uncooled microbolometer array with good resolution
  • Color touchscreen display for measured value indication and adjustment of the infrared camera
  • Capturing freeze frames and sequences
  • Micro-USB for data transmission
  • Voice memo via Bluetooth headset
  • Integrated video camera laser pointer, integrated target lighting
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Make the most of our camera's features:

• People can be measured in the moment without having to stand still.
• Our software is capable of recognizing human faces and ignoring hot objects such as coffee cups.
• Our system measures the temperature of the lacrimal gland (eye) and thus achieves a high level of precision. • Our system uses a black body radiator that compensates for temperature variations, such as those caused by open windows (draught) 1:1. With the thermal imaging sensor, no one can be seen. At the same time, we test within 0.5 seconds and detect temperature rises rapidly. • The device is self-contained and does not need additional security personnel.


The InfiRay AT Series has a variety of applications:

  • Airports
  • Shopping Centres
  • Food Production Plants
  • Colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Government Departments
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Distribution Hubs

The AT Series method can be used in a number of ways:

  • To track staff, clients, or suppliers
  • To send employees a strong indication that the situation is being taken seriously
  • To secure the business premises, so that outbreaks can be prevented and to avoid putting a significant portion of the workforce into quarantine

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