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A Beginners Guide to INFOV Night Vision and Thermal Optics

What is Night Vision?Before weget deeper into thepoints of night vision, it helps to know what it is and how night visionworks.In short words, night vision allows the humanto see objects at night. This is possibleby gatheringambient light not visible to the human eye, such as infrared light, and convertingit into a form of visiblelight we can see via the optic.

What Are Thermal Optics?Thermal optics might be a good addition to any night vision device. Because thermal opticshavedifferent technology, different rules apply. Rather than gathering light and channeling it into an optic toimprove vision, thermal optics pick up heat signatures from objects and project the differenttemperature signatures as different colors across a color scale.

Thermal optics, unlike night vision, don’t function as a detailed imaging tool. Shades of color, forexample, don’t appear on thermals like they do with night vision, simply because thermal works off ofheat, not light reflection.So the best practice is to use thermal device to detect your target. And thenidentify it using you night vision device

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