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INFOV Fusion System NOMOS

Night vision devices give armed forces a massive advantage over enemy combatants, allowing soldiers to conduct vital military operations in the dead of night, when the opposing force is at its most vulnerable.

Anyone who’s ever worn a pair of standard military night vision goggles will tell you that while they offer the ability to see in the dark, there’s more to seeing than simply increasing the visible light in your field of view. Traditional monocular night vision goggles have long come with a number of trade-offs, including a lack of depth perception and peripheral vision, both things a war-fighter might appreciate having during a low-light combat engagement.

It’s with these limitations in mind that the INFOV is poised to begin fielding its new advanced night vision goggles, which feature not only improved low-light performance, but better vision capabilities across a wide swath of potential combat environments. The new fusion system Nomos comes as a single eye monocular, granting the user greater situational awareness.

The white or green phosphorous tubes also provide greater image resolution than the old green glow we’ve come to expect from night vision goggles. But the most important thing is that Nomos combines the light amplification feature with thermal sensor heat detector. It is overlaying two images bringing the detection and recognition level to unbelievable level.

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