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INFOV Thermal Cameras

Thermal imaging is a breakthrough technology that provides many benefits in a wide range of applications. Thermal imaging cameras are used as highly affordable solutions in the security industry.

Accepted throughout the industry as the best 24-hour visual surveillance imaging solutions available, thermal security cameras are vital tools in securing borders, airports, sea ports, nuclear facilities, and other critical infrastructure. Today these affordable solutions are also protecting homes, corporate campuses, industrial facilities and retail businesses.

What makes thermal cameras so effective? These cameras make pictures from heat, not light, having nothing whatsoever to do with reflected light energy. They see the heat but not the light. Everything we encounter in daily life creates or reflects heat energy. This is called a ‘heat signature,’ which thermal cameras can see clearly.

Regular cameras that capture only visible light cannot detect objects hidden by visual camouflage.There could be situations where similar colors or patterns blend together and, thus, obscure objects or people that need to be detected. Thermal imaging cameras don’t suffer same problem. Thermal camera will detect the heated objects under tree shadow or even if it is camouflaged.

One of the biggest benefits of thermal imaging comes in the domain of security. INFOV thermal camera will become a staple of protection for many (if not all) major businesses across the globe. In such a domain, the need to produce images of surrounding perimeters is critical to providing constant protection against potential intruders.

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