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The best all-in-one thermal monocular

We are pleased to present the Falcon СLE625-the smallest thermal imaging multi-purpose monocular. It is the newest development in our mission and our goal was to minimize dimension, weight, and power consumption while increasing the number of possible functional requirements. The Falcon CLE625 all-in-one thermal would be your new favourite thermal, thanks to its lightweight and durable design.

It can be used as a rifle sight with interchangeable reticles and is head/helmet mountable with user-configurable left/right eye operation, in addition to being a handheld scanner. Falcon CLE625, thanks to a state-of-the-art 12 micron 640 x 512 VOx thermal core with a refresh rate of 50 Hz, combines a wide variety of features that place it ahead of all other compact thermal imagers in its class.

Using the optional quick-release interfaces, the mini-rail may be mounted on any head and helmet mounts, reflex cameras and arm rail systems.

Falcon СLE625, equipped with an optical compass and inclinometer, provides the user with instruments to precisely interplay aim and target distances. Also, it is featured with an IR laser pointer for trailing targets of interest.

Moreover, Falcon СLE625 has a solid program library with a patented image processing code to adapt the picture to optimal operator standards. These features involve the use of a clear, intuitive three-button keypad to display pallets, contrast, brightness and electronic zoom. Menu-driven functions provide specific improvements such as pallet selection, color selection, firearm boresight, scene correction, rifle-specific profile storage, type selection, compass calibration method, and default “factory settings”.

The Falcon LE625’s Wi-Fi capabilities keep it from becoming obsolete in the market. Aviation plug connection enables the user to capture video with an externally mounted Digital Video Recorder (DVR), to enhance battery life by attachment to external battery options.

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